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Self Directing 3.3: Who dares to stray, will find new ways
System Directing 4.4: Step outside the box and continue your way 




Our mission is to empower people in Enlarging their Frame of Minds, so they autonomously will find creative sustainable solutions to their questions; we make no distinction between personal, professional and organizational issues.

Self Directing 3.3 is Keridwen’s approach in enabling people to Enlarge their Frame of Minds, combining thorough evidence based techniques with playful and creative exercises. Slider2-Keridwen


About Marcel van der Pol

Marcel van der Pol

Marcel van der Pol

My name is Marcel van der Pol. In 1997 I founded Keridwen. I am teacher, performer and play director. I professionally help and support both individuals and organisations (governmental, profit and non profit) in letting off their unproductive fixed patterns. I assist them in finding different perspectives in their current situations for developing new insights and finding better solutions. Alternately I perform as teacher, coach, consultant, mediator, facilitator, storyteller and play director.


I combine my scientific background with my passion for narrative theatre into the Self Directing 3.3 / System Directing 4.3 concept.
This Directing Concept consists of three basis methods: (1) The Dance of the Hero, (2) Sentry & Lamppost, (3) The Gordian Egg.

Keridwen operates in several countries (Europa, Afrika). We focus on Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Community Empowerment and Life Long Learning.


Books by Marcel van der Pol

The Dance of the Hero: changing perspectives, shifting paradigms (2007),
Self Directing 3.3: Who dare to stray will find new ways (2015)
System Directing 4.3: Step outside the box and continue your way (Soon to be published).



Forzes: Change Consultant, Coach, Facilitator
Flow&Go Foundation: Consultant, Coach, Storyteller, Play Director.
Truebadoors: Storyteller, Play Director, Teacher,Facilitator
Merlijn Mediations: Mediator, Teacher, Coach, Storyteller.


Services & Products

Self Directing 3.3 / System Directing 4.3 is a tailor made approach.  Examples Products and Services: .

  • Conflict Directing 3.3
  • Management Directing 3.3
  • Administration Directing  3.3
  • Creative & Critical Thinking 3.3
  • Coaching 3.3
  • Culture & Diversity Directing 3.3
  • Self Directing Professionals 3.3
  • Inspiring Teaching & Presentering 3.3
  • Storytelling 3.3
  • Stage Directing 3.3
  • Performances 3.3
  • Tailor Made Specials


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