The New Keridwen & Marcel van der Pol in 2018 (that’s why this website is under construction)

At the End of the Year 2017

There was Time for Reflection.

Time for Reinventing Myself.

(Time for Rebuilding this Website, too!)



will be a Wonderfull Year

Off the Beaten Tracks

I will leave a Trail Behind!

Do You want to Find or Create your own Trail, too?




In Professional, Work or Private Life, 

are you looking for

an Experienced  ‘Off the Beaten Tracks Coach/Guide’

and Trusted ‘Travel Companion’?

Be more than Welcome!

Marcel van der Pol, Keridwen.


Coaching, Workshops, Presentations/Interactive Readings ‘Off the Beaten Tracks’.

For Professional and Private Questions, Dilemma’s and Conflicts.

(Working languages: Nederlands & English).